Summary of the South Island (1) 南島総括①

In the North Island, it took me 62 days with no zero days to walk 1,734km, average 28km/day.  In the South, I took longer time to achieve the goal (63 days to walk 1,307km with 5 zero days, average 21km) because of time of the year (shorter daylights), terrain of the route (more alpine sections) and bad weather (rain and snow). 

In the North Island, I camped 31 nights, but only 12 nights in the tent in the South Island, where DOC huts were more abundant.  I stayed indoors such as DOC huts and backpackers for 50 nights.  Total cost for accommodation in the South Island was $578, not much difference with one of the North Island ($560), because I had a annual hut pass of DOC that allowed me to stay most of the DOC huts with no additional cost. 

When started from Ship Cove, the northern end of the South Island, I often passed by other walkers walking up from the southern end and had a chance to exchange information.  However I did not see any other TA walkers at all since having met Ralf and Thomas in Arthurs Pass.  Also did not come across anyone who were walking north down to south because of time of the year.  Trail in the South Island did not pass towns very often so I have spent most of time on my own.  Therefore I did appreciate friendship of Mike and Kiyomi who walked Motatapu track with me, and kindness of Charlie who offered me to stay at his place on the cold night after having come out from Takitimu Mountains.

 北島1,734kmを歩いた時は、休息日 (ゼロ・デー) なしで62日間、一日平均28kmのペースだったが、南島では1,307kmの距離を5日間のゼロ・デーを含む63日間、平均21km弱と、かなりペースダウンした。一つには日照時間が短い時季だったこと、そして道路歩きの部分が北島に比べ少なく、南島では山間部の登り下りが多いこと、悪天候で動けない日があったことなどが理由として考えられる。



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