Summary of the North Island Trip (4) Acknowledgement of People ~ 北島総括その4・人々への謝辞

Among TA walkers it is often said "People of the North Island, and scenery and the track of the South Island are the highlights of the walk".  From my own experience, except some spots there were not many mountains pleasant to walk and lots of road walk sections.  It made me feel just walking to connect one section to the other to complete whole TA route.  However, there were many memorable stories with people as the route went through towns. 

MATT, who spoke to me in Nganguru, Northland when he passed by: he carried me across Nganguru river by a dinghy 
DONNA-MARIE in Whangarei, who offered a night to stay and delicious dinner 
ULS & DENISE, who keep goat as hobby in outskirt of Warkworth. Uls met me on a road when walking a dog, and offered a room to stay for a stormy night. 

There were countless little kindness and encouragements, not only from people in community but those running accommodation as business. 

PETER, Stillwater Holiday Park who offered me a complementary stay. 
People like LISA, Makahika Outdoor Pursuits Centre, who offered a discount, free bath towel and courtesy transport to me as a TA walker.  Appreciated their generosity everyday.  

Needless to say unforgettable reunions with good old mates, who I met in Queenstown and didn't see for ages since having shifted to the North - they offered me generous supports.  I can't thank them enough for their help: 

MOTO & MAMI, Auckland, who I stayed 2 nights with; and 
JOHN & ANNEKE, Wellington, who I stayed 2 nights with and sent me to the airport. 

I walked most of 1,700km alone, but strongly felt I wasn't by myself when thinking of people I met in places.  I believe this was why I've walked the whole North leg of TA to the end pleasantly with no discouragement.







Summary of the North Island Trip (3) Bush Gear ~ 北島総括その3・山道具

Top 2 that I thought hard when planning TA walk: food I mentioned last time and bush gear.  I decide to use the gear I've already got and buy new ones as minimum - the idea resulted in carrying heavy load all the way.  I talk about the improvements for my next attempt on the South Island. 

Cushions at heels inside of Scarpa boots were worn out quickly and the plastic parts came out - that's why I got blisters. So I wore the boots as minimum as I could, e.g. walking in the mud, and had to carry the heavy (1.5kg) and bulky stuff majority of the time... how often I wanted to throw them away! Keen outdoor sandals were pretty good fitting and dried quickly so that I walked on them for about 2/3 of the North Island trail very comfortably.

I'll walk on a pair of trail running shoes and sandals. 

I carried my 15-year-old Macpac Backpack (90 litre capacity).  This long beloved pack was a little trouble maker.  Probably because I packed fully all the time, a frame popped out and buckles were broken. In addition, it was heavy (3kg); another reason of heavy load. 

I feel a special attachment to this pack and it's so easy to use - yet there's a room for consideration. 

Macpac poles weren't durable the hard-works and broke down a couple of times - shafts became not being able to fix, and broken in to two. Service of Macpack was so impressive that they were happy to replace with a new pairs at each problem. 

A frying pan, Leatherman's multi-tool, etc, there were small items that I didn't use at all. Excluding these things will lighten my load by 1-2kg. 

Because I will walk he cold South Island in mid autumn to early winter, and it is not possible to lighten clothing and a sleeping bag, well I need to find a way to make it out.


[課題1 履物]

[課題2 ザック]

[課題3 ストック]

[課題4 未使用の道具]

Summary of the North Island Trip (2) Food ~ 北島総括その2・食糧

In my daily notes, I did not make a comment about food intentionally unless having had something special.  Everyday meal was a delight to me, yet there were no much variety and I had a lot more things to write than food.  Today I'm making some notes for the ones who wish to walk TA in the future just as a reference. 

Main points to choose food for bush meals are: 
(1) Available at any shops 
(2) Reasonably priced 
(3) Not bulky and not heavy 
(4) Short cooking time and easy to clean up; and 
(5) High calorie and long life

Taste and balanced nutrition were lower in priority.  

Breaky: instant coffee, muesli with dissolved milk powder in water, often with dried black currents 

Lunch: flat bread (wrap) with peanut butter, salami and cheese, later I used tortilla that was a bit smaller than wrap. It was handy to make the amount I needed and didn't need much filling.  When it was rainy and there was no shelter, I had a quick one with dried fruit, muesli bar, trail mix, chocolate etc.  When I was fed up with these sweet food, I ate crispy noodles, edible as a snack no cooking required, and cheese flavoured one was my favourite. 

Dinner: couscous covered with a cup-a-soup and rehydrated dried mash potatoes; or 2 minute noodles with dried peas, wakame (dried sea vegetable), shiitake mushroom and fried shallot.  

About cooking 2 minute noodles: poured hot water over the noodle and covered it for 5 minutes to save fuel.  I had Vietnamese rice noodle that just needed hot water to softened, no need to cook on a stove. Did not eat cup-a-noodles at all, because it was bulky and too small portion.  

After dinner sweets: tortilla with hazel nut spread and mixed nuts.  It was Patric, a Swiss TA walker gave me this idea that became my favourite.  Think it was one of the main reasons why I lost my weight.


(2) 手頃な 
(3) 嵩張りすぎず重すぎない 
(4) 調理時間が短く、後片付けも簡 
(5) 高カロリーで保存が効く

<朝食>インスタントコーヒーとミューズリーに粉ミルクを溶かした牛乳をかけたものでませることが多かったが、乾燥スグリ (Black current) を混ぜることもよくした。

<昼食>ラップ(トルティーヤ)にピーナッツバターを塗り、サラミとチーズをせていたもの。途中からは一回り小さなトルティーヤの皮を使うようになった。量を調節しやすいし、中に入れる具が少ないので皮も小さい方がバランスも良い。雨の日で雨宿りできる場所がない時などは、ドライフルーツやミューズリーバー、トレイルミックス(編集者註ナッツ、ドライフルーツ、チョコレートチップなどが適宜混ざった、高カロリー行動食。NZのスーパーで普通に売っている)チョコレートなどで簡ませることも多かった。これも甘いものばかりでも飽きるので、途中からは乾燥でそのままスナックとして食べる、クリスピーヌードル(ベビースターラーメンより大ぶり)というのを多用するようになり、 特にチーズ味がに入った。



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