South Island FINAL DAY, 07/06/18 〜 南島最終日・2018年6月7日

Got up at 6:00.  Chiharu drove me to the sewage disposal where I’ve finished waking yesterday and started walking a cycle way with a daypack on a head torch.  Got to State Highway 1 at 9:00 and walked shoulder of the road 16 km towards Bluff. Not very comfy to walk the narrow shoulder with lots of large lollies passing by. 

Was an overcast day.  The last 7km after the entrance of Bluff township was supposed to follow on Foveaux Walkway, but it’s been closed since last Feb.  According to the signage, went on the State Highway 1 for another 2km and walked through the township to 265m high Bluff Hill.  After this point the route followed on a track that goes down to south along the coastline towards the goal, Sterling Point. 

Chiharu and Mike & Kiyomi, who walked Motatapu Track together, waited there for me and achieved the goal emotionally.  Had an overwhelmingly happy moment, and took some photos romping around the sign pole totally ignoring the tourists around!  

Went to Oyster Cove Restaurant nearby.  Registered for completion of TA and was received a medal. Had a big surprise from Mike & Kiyomi.  They have showed me a receipt of $1,000 donation for Routeburn Dart Wilderness Trust.  The amount of donation made me speechless.  Could not match with their act of generosity and felt deep obligation to them... 

After enjoying lunch, they went fishing in Colac Bay and we headed up home to Queenstown.  63-day journey in the South Island has closed the curtains with a better ending than expected.  

Thanks millions ALL OF YOU who are following me on my Facebook page and this blog for your warm encouragement and support!! 

Walked 6 hours, 30km today.  

Total distance walked in the South Island 1,307km.  
Total of the North and South Islands 3,041km.









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