North Island Day 50, 22/10/17 ~ 北島第50日・2017年10月22日

For a few days, my day-clothes have been smelling sweat, and were smelling something gone bad today.  Then I realised I have only washed my clothes by hand and did not have a chance to do it properly using washing machine more than 3 weeks since I have left Auckland.  So it was a washing day today.  

Rain from last night has luckily stopped by morning, and it was good weather today.  Started campsite at 7:00, and biked on a road with lots of ups and downs along the river.  Got to State Highway 4 after 36km ride.  Road became flat with a bike lane that made my life easier.  Arrived at Wanganui township at 10:30. When I hired this mountain bike, the tour operator has taken boots and walking poles, etc that I did not need at the moment, and brought to a holiday park on my behalf.  When I returned the bike there, I got my gear back.  Was not keen on staying there as it was not accessible on foot at first.  But decided to camp there because they offer a complimentary transport to town specially for TA walkers.  Paid $20, took shower, then did a thorough machine-wash and hang my clothes to dry.  

Went to town for grocery shopping and lunch.  It was middle day of long weekend and holiday park was full with families and school groups.  On the other hand, downtown was very quiet with many shops closed.  Talked with Chiharu over the phone after 6 days, as there were no mobile phone reception whilst travelling Wanganui valley.  It was a surprise for me to know a place that has reasonable number of settlements and visitors without no mobile phone coverage still exists in well-populated North Island.  Bike ride 50km today.




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