North Island Day 45, 17/10/17 ~ 北島第45日・2017年10月17日

Rang DOC first in the morning to book huts for 3 days from tomorrow.  Late start at 9:00.  Walked out from the National Park village and after a while viewed mountain ranges below.  It made me realised the village was in a plateau at altitude.  The route I followed today was overlapped with Mountains to Sea Trail, one of the NZ cycle trails, so that most part of the track was an easy walking unsealed road with gradual downhill.  In addition, weather was high clouded, neither hot nor cold with not much wind - was an unbelievably easy and comfy trip.  My plan was to walk 53km down to Whakahoro, where I will get on a canoe, in two days, so no need to hurry.  Enjoyed relaxed walk.  

After walked more than half, found a nice grass land good for camping near the bridge.  It was still 16:30 that was a bit too early to call it a day, but decided to pitch tent here.  Mended Keen sandals, the only thing I bought specially for this trip.  This pair of sandals were extremely useful walking on beaches and roads.  However, they have been used a way longer distance than it supposed to and overworked on a bad road, they look very tired and damaged with worn down heels.  Hope they will hold on till end of the North Island trip.  Walked 28km today.



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